Snowy The Goose Rattle –
Snowy The Goose Rattle
Snowy The Goose Rattle
Snowy The Goose Rattle
Nana Huchy

Snowy The Goose Rattle

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Snowy is the softest, sweetest goose you’ll ever meet! This clumsy girl has two left feet and is always waddling her way into trouble, whether it’s getting herself trapped in Charlie Chickens coop or splashing headfirst into Bill The Duck's pond. But it’s all just water off a duck’s back to Snowy (or should we say, water off a goose’s back)! She just picks herself up again, shakes her tail-feathers & honks happily.

Unlike squeakers, which are unintuitive for babies to use without assistance, the gentle sound the rattle makes when babies hold or move it stimulates action-reaction learning, providing babies & toddlers with an instant reward & helping them to understand cause & effect. 


16cm Tall

Suitable for 0+

Gentle cold machine wash, do not tumble dry.

Cotton/acrylic blend yarn, poly fill 

Australian Design

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