Ideas to avoid lockdown blues –

Ideas to avoid lockdown blues

I have chosen to take a different approach to lockdown, I said to myself, right, what are the things I always want to do but never seem to have time for? Here are some of those, perhaps they will inspire you to do some of your own things. I find that starting with one, a simple one will get the ball rolling, so give something a go. 

  • WALK-for me that means really long walks, I love them. Also gets my body moving in the morning and grabbing a coffee at the halfway mark is a super great motivator and bonus!
  • PAINT-painting is not something that you can do quickly, it does require time, and guess what, we have it!
  • MAKE ACCESSORIES-although I am a designer I don't know how to make everything so I just youtube it! you can learn to make just about anything. Recently i learned how to make linen hand embroidered hair clips. Yay!
  • EMBROIDERY-this is another one that takes time. you can watch your favorite TV show and embroider, you will love it. 
  • NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY-it is spring and that means that pretty much every flower is in bloom so it's an ideal time to get out there and take some pics. i did a hike through the Royal National Park the other day and took loads of pics of wild flowers which i will then use to create illustrations and paintings. Another great idea for pics is sunrise. yes you need to wake up early but it is so worth it. 
  • COOKING-each week I try to make something I have not made before, expending my cooking skills. 
  • MAKE A VIDEO-we all have pretty amazing phones that allow us to make and edit fantastic images and videos. Why not have a play and see what you come up with. You have the time after all! 

Those are just some of the ideas I have for my extra time. I would love to see what you could add to this. 

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