Keeping creative during lockdown –

Keeping creative during lockdown

I live in Sydney which means that 2020 wasn't so bad for us, we had only the minimal of restrictions, distancing, mask on public transport, but generally our lives continued on as "normal". 2021` is a whole different story. Delta variant is running havoc in our city, well, perhaps not according to the rest of the world, but certainly by Australian standards. As such, we have been under the strictest of restrictions for the last 2 months. So how do I keep sane during this time? Creativity, nature and maintaining a regular schedule. 

Most people and especially kids, function better with a routine. For me this means waking up at the same time as I did before the lockdown, 5:30 am. Coffee and yoghurt in bed, a little of Pinterest inspo, nothing that requires my participation, ie answering messages or giving likes. Just, me coffee and the wonderful world of pinterest. Then it's walk time. Monday-Friday I do a 2 1/5 hr walk to the beach. I get a latte, say hello to my coffee guy, smile at some people and head home. If I'm super hungry I will have a slice of sourdough. I'll then do some work. 12:30, I cook lunch, eat and back to work. My work changes all the time, somedays its sewing, some days it's working on my computer, others it's photography, but I generally keep to that schedule. About 6:30 I'll cook dinner and settle for relaxation and sleep. Over the weekend I will do a medium length hike at the Royal National Park, and perhaps see my singles buddy for a conversation or lunch. 

My schedule allows for physical activity, which is not just good for your body but also for your mental health, it allows time for creativity and nutrition as well as some contact with people, albeit limited to saying "good morning" or "hello" on my walks. It is easy to sleep in, eat and stay in front of the TV all day, but that makes things harder for us when we get out to the lock down. Taking a regular walk, making something and cooking really is the best medicine for our mentadory isolation, it will also make it much easier for us when we venture out of this. Try it if you haven't already.  

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