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Welcome to Daisy.kids+Life.

ethical fashion hand made locally made slow fashion sustainable

Hello and welcome to Daisy. This is a fruit of my labour of love. To get here I have taken many roads, have spent many hours at my sewing machine and laughed and played with my two lovely nieces, Ava and Willow. They were my inspiration to create something fun, happy and sustainable for our planet; after all, they and their kids will be the ones living here once we are gone. 

I love fashion, always have, but I dislike what it has become; the speed at which shops restock items, the production cycles and the rate at which we dispose of the garments we buy.

Someone once told me that the cheaper the garment the faster it'll be thrown away, and that is sadly the real truth. This is something we must change. As the earth's population grows so do the landfills and production of disposable goods. It's just not sustainable. We have to find better ways to clothes us and our children. So slow down your buying, choose better and where possible try to buy locally made, like Daisy.Kids.Label. 

We are made in Sydney, in the Southerland Shire to be exact. For the time being, all of the design and production is done in my little house which is a little cramped but we are looking for a lovely new studio space. So stay tunes and come on a journey with us and always feel free to send me your feedback. It's how I learn. :)

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