The Rocks...& why it rocks! –

The Rocks...& why it rocks!

It's early in the morning here at my desk looking out at the gorgeous spring day that's unfolding. I love this time of the day, when it's just me and my store quietly connecting as I drink my warm coffee and give gratitude to how lucky I am to have my flagship store here in The Rocks!

What makes this area so special to me is firstly it's history. This is Sydney's historical precinct, an area that was first settled in 1788 and at every turn its history envelopes you. Down winding lane-ways, criss-crossing cobble stones, there's a real sense of wonder and nostalgia in the air.

The Rocks is definitely a vibrant area that intersects a bygone era with art, indigenous culture, music, theatre, fine dining, markets and bespoke clothing and jewelry stores. There's also a thriving pub scene ( well thriving since 1828 lol ),  for that cheeky 3pm drink we all need some times too!

So many things to discover and all within the backdrop of Sydney icons like the Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Sydney harbor foreshore ( so pretty much a dream location to work from! ).

I get so much inspiration for my designs here. Not just from the environment, but also from the thriving community of like minded individuals who call this area "a home away from home".


My top tips to see and do at The Rocks!


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